Passion for exploration

I've lived a rather nomadic life. Now, I've settled on the east coast and "travel" through my art. My ink drawings have earned numerous artists' awards, but I consider myself as much technician as artist; to me, it's all about detail and process. Drawing, painting and other creative media help me to understand the human condition, to impose my own sort of order on chaos. Though not personally religious, I'm interested in religious and cultural beliefs, customs, rituals, artifacts, icons, symbols, architecture, and the ways in which religion and culture affect each other. I am often told that my work is elementally spiritual. I'm drawn to the odd, the quirky, the esoteric; to the grace and flow of textiles and garments on the human form; to the emotional and psychic elements of the human condition, as well as to the physical. My formal training is in technical drawing which, when it isn't an overt element, is a heavy influence in my work. Drawing is my first love, but a current passion -- small and miniature artist's books -- combines my love for book-making with my love for creating abstract pictures, mainly land-, sea-, desert-, and city-scapes. I also enjoy continued exploration with pastels, watercolor, handpulled monotypes and collage.

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